Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodwin Champioins, LIVE?!

So I thought this went live on the 15th, but as is always the case, cards are already on the bay in advance of that. So far I don't see a reason to buy a box of this. The case hits are interesting, see here (there's your bug BEARDY), but even that is anticlimactic as it's a redemption card. So far my favorites are this Justin Verlander jersey and this Nolan Ryan mini.

Don't get me wrong, the cards are nice looking, but collecting the Ginter set was taxing enough. I am however I am away for work for a few weeks so I'm sure I'll at least pick up a few packs to keep me occupied until I get back home. Looking forward to some blogo-pics of sweet pulls tomorrow, maybe even something that will convince me I need to buy a hobby box instead of waiting for blasters!


  1. I still think it looks awesome, and can't wait to get my boxes. Got an email that one has shipped, so I'm hoping for Wednesday.

  2. Nice! I went to the local shope here today and watched a two guys bust boxes, BOTH had bug redemption cards and both boxes came from the same case. Needless to say I was not inclined to buy a box from that case. Picked up a few packs and scored a nice non-major sport auto. They are VERY nice looking cards.