Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flash Forward, to a New Comerica Park?

Anyone else catch Flash Forward on ABC tonight (8pm)? Solid premiere for the show in my opinion, however, slightly confused about the Detroit aspect at the end of the show. I'll try not to ruin the ending of the first show, but they showed "video footage of a stadium in Detroit," a large stadium where baseball was being played, and at first glance it did look like Comerica until they showed left field. While yes, they did add some bleacher sections underneath the scoreboard this year, it did not at all look like what Comerica's left field. Maybe it was the 27" standard def TV in my hotel room, or the fact I haven't been in Detroit since opening day or that it was a short clip, but I'm pretty sure that it was in fact not Comerica Park. I'll post a screen shot from the show when they post the show online but until then, anyone else see this? Thoughts on the show, or the baseball clip?


  1. Definitely NOT Comerica Park...first of all, the score board is unmistakable...second, you should be able to see the very large letters, FORD FIELD above a row of bleachers where the show clearly showed a skyline of the city. There isn't any space between the bleachers and the scoreboard.

    -Detroiter for 21 years

  2. Thanks for the comment. I was seriously starting to question what I saw after I started to write the post!

  3. Definitely didn't look like Comerica Park to me, and I was just there a few weeks ago. We go a lot! So yeah, I rewound it like 5 times to see if she actually said "Detroit" and all I could think is, if they were going to use Detroit as the example, why not actually use Comerica Park? Oh well!