Saturday, July 31, 2010

Leyland Blows Another One. This Act is Getting Tired.

Thankfully I was out and about when the Tigers game ended today. The combination of Ryan Perry and Phil Coke could not close out the game to secure the 4-2 victory in the 9th. Where was Valverde you ask? Oh, well he threw 60 pitches last night so he wasn't available today. Yes, that is a lot of pitches. No, he didn't enter in a save situation last night. I realize he had not pitched in a game in four days, but listen, Jim, he's a CLOSER. His only job is to get three outs when the team is ahead by three runs or less or a scenario where the Tigers are in danger of losing the game. I have never understood Managers bringing their "closer" in just to get their work in during a blowout (winning or losing). There is a stat out there about how much worse closers do in that situation as compared to trying to earn a save (someday I'll look for it too). The Tigers had the game well in hand last night before Valverde entered. 60 pitches and a grand-slam later they escaped with a 6-5 win erasing any chance of Valverde pitching in a meaningful position should it present itself during the Saturday day game. Let Valverde get his necessary work in if he must in meaningful game scenarios where the pressure is on (you know, like a save situation) so that he doesn't lose his edge (like last night). I realize Leyland isn't playing with his optimal roster, but he isn't doing himself any favors with the way he is managing his bullpen (or the grab bag lineup that changes every day).

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fire Gene Lamont. Now. Please.

This has got to be the last straw. I'm not pulling any punches. It's his fault Magglio is on the DL, period. And now, seconds ago he is waving home Boesch on single to Boston left fielder Eric Patterson. Patterson already had the ball before Boesch was to third base. Insane. Don't believe me? Evidence above.

I Went to See Strasburg and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt...

I realize it's been a while since I've posted. I've been busy and I realize that's a lame excuse, so lets just move on. Plus I was disgruntled after the end of last season with both the Tigers and Braves. Things are looking up for the Braves right now but not so much for the Tigers. I got a new scanner and already worked out a trade with Beardy so I guess I should get with it and start updating again, so here we go...

So I went to the Braves/Nats game Tuesday first and foremost because I'm a Braves fan and that was the only game of the series that I could make it to. Just so happened that the almighty Strasburg was scheduled to start as well. Through the gates, picked up a free nifty Nats t-shirt (hooray t-shirt night), watched Braves batting practice, scored a nice Tim Hudson auto and enjoyed a delicious chicken tenders platter. Stand up, sit down, first patch, Miguel Batista...huh? Of course I wanted to see the kid pitch and was disappointed, but the attitude of ALL the bandwagon Nats fans around us was awful. Honestly we could barely sit through the game with all the complaining going on. "How can he not get loose." "This is a ploy by the team to get people to buy tickets." "I want my money back." And on, and on and on. Really? Batista pitched great, the team won and you didn't even notice. Next time I go to a Nats game I'm bringing headphones.