Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Achiever Card Blog Delivers the Goods!

So I came back from a relaxing weekend at the beach to find this in my mailbox from the Achiever Card Blog:

Boo end of Summer, hooray wax packs!

I sent over a Denard Spann framed auto and a few Indian randoms in exchange for the Brock Auto. I pulled the Brock Relic in my second and almost traded it to Beardy. It was my first non-sport relic of any time and so my sentimentality kicked in and decided to keep it and work on the set of Brock's for my Ginter binder.

Thanks to Achiever for the trade and the excellent bonus packs! Below are a few of the sweet cards from the random packs:

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad Brock arrived intact. Those size boxes aren't really good for cards you want to send in hard cases.

    Sorry about the stupid cartoon packs. I somehow ended up with a few boxes of that stuff so everyone that gets a package from has to get some of that stuff some sort of punishment I guess...for somethin-er-other.

    The Denard and the Gradys arrived in good shape too.

    WV: flickero (that's kind of fun)