Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Topps Jumbo Box Break - The STRASbox

So last Tuesday I went to Target to pick up some 2011 Topps. I got to the register blaster in hand but when I went to pay I realized I had left my wallet at the office. Fail, for the moment anyway. Fortunately, my lovely better half was going to be passing the local hobby shop on the way home from work. I gave them a call and they were kind enough to set aside their last Jumbo box for her to pick up later. A few hours later I was ripping away.

Here are the hits:

Solid box. Sweet Freeman black border #11/60. Notice anything strange in the Strasburg row? It's numbered 234/299 (I'll post a bigger front/back scan of the card later), but other than that I was slow to realize that this was not a 2011 Topps card. I was too excited and didn't realize until the morning after that something was a little off. After some google/ebaying I found out that the card was one of the Million Card Giveaway cards from Strasburg's debut and an autographed one at that.

I haven't seen anyone else post about pulling one of these and I haven't seen any other 2011 Strasburg auto's listed. I'm very surprised that all of the Strasburg cards available from the MCG were not redeemed, especially all of the 300 autos. Yeah, $350 was a steep price, but at the time it seemed like a good investment. Anyway, I still think it's really weird to get an unadvertised hit in my box, but hey, I'll take it!

The card is awesome.

I'm happy. It's one of my best pulls ever and I'm going to hang on to it for a little while at least. Too bad I didn't have an epic pull like this about an year ago or that thing would be on ebay in a second and funding my card purchases for the rest of the year.

As you can see that wasn't the only Stras in the box. I got two of each of the base cards (two base cards for someone that's played less that one season is overkill, right?) and one of the Kimball mini's in addition to the auto. I put the Freeman on ebay even though I'm a Braves collector after seeing another one go for almost $30 (maybe I'll go back and pick one up later when the price drops but I'd rather have Freeman auto card). Everything else is for trade. The box was well collated and I only had one or two damaged cards which is a huge improvement from the recent Topps boxes I've busted. I'll put up what I need to complete the base set tomorrow along with the rest of the inserts I pulled and the cards I have for trade which will hopefully help me complete my set!

Anyone else ever pull something not advertised out of a box, do tell?!

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  1. That's something else...I hope he comes back big for your sake.